[T2] [VB] Hot engine

Jason Laster jason at fasterlaster.com
Fri Sep 27 14:48:45 PDT 2019

A few thoughts that might help.  First off I ran a 1776 (carb) in my 66
camper for years.  Totally loaded down with 6 people and a dog with camping
gear.  There is enough cooling in the bus with a doghouse for this type of
punishment based on my experience.

Double check the engine cooling aspects.
Engine seal in place.
All engine tin installed (especially those little pieces on the bottom of
the cylinder fins).
Are there thermostat flaps in place and are they indeed operational?

Be sure and double check the AFR with some sort of other calibration.  I
found on my megasquirt system it reported a little lower than what the
actual innovative gauge that came with my LC-2 reports.  I bet that isn't
enough to worry about however.

Another aspect to consider is how you are getting engine head temps?  Is it
a regular CHT gauge that connects under the spark plugs, or is this the MS
reading?  Could this just be the normal reading for your engine when it's
just really hot ambient temp?


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