[T2] [VB] Hot engine

Chris Dreike cdreike at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 15:56:31 PDT 2019

 Thanks Jason,
I think I have covered all of the bases you mentioned.
All engine seals are in place. I have the doghouse system.
I have Scat Cool Tins on the bottoms of the cylinders. (Maybe this is a
problem and I should use the stock VW pieces?)
I do not have thermostat flaps installed on the engine. If I pull it, I
will install and wire them in the open position.
I have a wide band sensor from Innovate and have managed to calibrate the
megasquirt reading to the innovate gage to within about .2.
I have an Innovate CHT gage with sensors on sparks 1 and 3. 1 is always
about 15 degrees cooler at around 350F. I checked this with a laser temp
gage and it matches within about 5 degrees F.

Today I started adjusting the A/F ratio settings and reduced the spark

I took a drive up the local "hill" about 700 foot elevation rise and only
saw 380F in 3rd gear at 45mph at WOT. Cooled slightly when I changed to 4th
at WOT however could not quite pull the hill.
I'm going to take a drive down the freeway tonight after traffic dies down
and see what happens. Coming back the other night going slightly downhill
at 50% throttle I was seeing 360-380F. Not good. Should have been about
310.  At WOT the temp just went up and up.


On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 2:48 PM Jason Laster <jason at fasterlaster.com> wrote:

> A few thoughts that might help.  First off I ran a 1776 (carb) in my 66
> camper for years.  Totally loaded down with 6 people and a dog with camping
> gear.  There is enough cooling in the bus with a doghouse for this type of
> punishment based on my experience.
> Double check the engine cooling aspects.
> Engine seal in place.
> All engine tin installed (especially those little pieces on the bottom of
> the cylinder fins).
> Are there thermostat flaps in place and are they indeed operational?
> Be sure and double check the AFR with some sort of other calibration.  I
> found on my megasquirt system it reported a little lower than what the
> actual innovative gauge that came with my LC-2 reports.  I bet that isn't
> enough to worry about however.
> Another aspect to consider is how you are getting engine head temps?  Is
> it a regular CHT gauge that connects under the spark plugs, or is this the
> MS reading?  Could this just be the normal reading for your engine when
> it's just really hot ambient temp?
> --
> Jason

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