[T2] Disc brakes dragging

Erik Burtis ewdb92 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 06:51:18 PDT 2020

I was thinking about this problem early this morning.  Let's see: You said
you replaced all the brake lines, so unless dirt got into the system at
that time or there is a defect, they shouldn't be the issue..  The problem
went away when you disconnected the brake booster.  I think this rules out
blockage in the lines or brake fluid issues.  This sounds like a buildup of
vacuum to me and when you stop driving and press the brakes, you release
the vacuum.  It can happen if the check valve is in backwards; can also
happen if the booster vent line is blocked (did it get pinched during your
spindle work?).  Do both front brakes drag?  If so, also an indication this
is not line related.  Maybe a failed booster would hold extra vacuum, but
it seems to me that they do the opposite.  One of the tests for a failed
booster is a change in rpms when you press the brake pedal.


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