[T2] Adjustable Tie Rod: Which Side?

Roger Lemberg phroggie at ieee.org
Sat Jun 27 12:37:59 PDT 2020


According to the Bentley and what’s currently on Phrogbus, the adjustable tie rod is on the right (i.e. the side opposite of the drag link).

On every parts site I’ve found and on the parts catalog, the adjustable (211 415 801) is on the left and the non-adjustable one (211 415 802) is on the right.

Which one is right (I mean correct) and which one is wrong?

Any advise as to whether I should continue like this for another __ years or should I change it?

BTW, next month PHROGBUS TURNS 50! 

Peace, Stay healthy and safe,

Phroggie and his Phrogbus
(70 Sportsmobile Conversion)
Northridge, CA 

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